Video Sermons

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Bishop Daniel Dolan:

Save Thy Soul:

They Murmured? (15 Minutes)



Gifts Of The Holy Ghost (29 Minutes)

Father Anthony Cekada:

Save Thy Soul:

Evil And Free Will (15 Minutes)

Organized Sports (19 Minutes)



Organized Sports (19 Minutes)



Ceremonies (14 Minutes)

Doctrine Vs. Getting Along (24 Minutes)

Mystery Of The Holy Trinity (17 Minutes)

Nature And Unity Of The Church (26 Minutes)

The Power Of Mass Media (17 Minutes)

Truth Of Symbols (16 Minutes)

The Universal Ordinary Magisterium (22 Minutes)


Father Selway:



The Mustard Seed Prefigures The Church (11 Minutes)

Attachments (11 Minutes)

Fifty Years Without A Shepherd (13 Minutes)

The Necessity Of Prayer (12 Minutes)


Father Charles McGuire:


Save Thy Soul:

The Devil’s Influence (14 Minutes)

The Existence Of Purgatory (16 Minutes)

The Grace Of God (15 Minutes)

The Holy Cross (12 Minutes)

Modesty (11 Minutes)

Preparation For Death (13 Minutes)

The Saints Help Us To Be Christlike (19 Minutes)


Our Lady:

The Hail Mary (14 Minutes)



Divine Providence (16 Minutes)

The Existence Of Purgatory (16 Minutes)

Relics (15 Minutes)



Liturgical Seasons (15 Minutes)

Persecution (21 Minutes)



The Act Of Faith (14 Minutes)

Apparition Of Guadalupe (15 Minutes)

Corpus Christi (12 Minutes)

Devotion To The Holy Face (15 Minutes)

Devotion To The Sacred Heart (15 Minutes)

Divine Providence II (17 Minutes)

Fear Of Death (11 Minutes)

Fortitude (17 Minutes)

The Holy Innocents (18 Minutes)

Humility (15 Minutes)

Justice Vs. Mercy In God (13 Minutes)

The Love Of God (10 Minutes)

Love For God (14 Minutes)

The Mustard Seed (13 Minutes)

The Mystery Of Bethlehem (11 Minutes)

No Vengeance (16 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help (13 Minutes)

Our Lord’s Footprints (15 Minutes)

Respect For Elders (15 Minutes)

Prayer In The Home (14 Minutes)

The Resurrection (14 Minutes)

Sanctification Of Souls 03-08-09 (13 Minutes)

Seeking Happiness (11 Minutes)

The Sermon (12 Minutes)

Sin Of Heresy (13 Minutes)

St. Hermenegild And The Arians (20 Minutes)

SuperNatural Virtue (14 Minutes)

Temptations 03-01-09 (16 Minutes)

The Three Enemies (19 Minutes)

Total Love Of God (13 Minutes)

True Happiness (12 Minutes)

Vanity (16 Minutes)

We Must Know Our Faith (10 Minutes)


Father Markus Ramolla:


The Holy Name Of Jesus (21 Minutes)

Jesus (20 Minutes)

Things Of This World (19 Minutes)