Novus Ordo

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Bishop McKenna:


Legacy Of JPII (10 Minutes)

Novus Ordo Sex Scandal (11 Minutes)


Bishop Mark Pivarunas:

Oct. 13, 2006 Sedevacantism Part I (35 Minutes)

Oct. 13, 2006 Sedevacantism Part II (31 Minutes)

Oct. 13, 2006 Sedevacantism Part III (33 Minutes)

Oct. 13, 2006 Sedevacantism Part IV (35 Minutes)


Bishop Daniel Dolan:

Healing And Forgiveness (18 Minutes)

Pope Pius XII (14 Minutes)

Why Do We Say No To The “Una Cum” Masses (18 Minutes)


Bishop Donald Sanborn:


Break From The Novus Ordo (37 Minutes)

Communion Of The Church (32 Minutes)

Death Of JPII (24 Minutes)

Ecumenism (21 Minutes)

Errors Of Vatican II (32 Minutes)

False Prophets Vatican II (26 Minutes)

John XXIII_And_PiusIX_Beautification (31 Minutes)

JPII: 25 Years Of Heresy And Destruction (18 Minutes)

Magisterium Solemn And Ordinary (24 Minutes)

Martyrs (17 Minutes)

Program Of The Modernists (28 Minutes)

Qualities Of Apostolicity (24 Minutes)

Ratzinger B16 (22 Minutes)

Ratzinger And The Resurrection (17 Minutes)

Rejection Of The Vatican II Antipopes (26 Minutes)

St. Athanasius (24 Minutes)

St. Thomas Aquinas And Loving The Truth (27 Minutes)

Storm In The Church (28 Minutes)

The Maccabees Part I (20 Minutes)

The Maccabees Part II (26 Minutes)

Wolves In Sheep Clothing (14 Minutes)


Vatican II Sermons:

Substantial Or Accidental Changes (21 Minutes)

Fundamental Error Of Vatican II (28 Minutes)

Ecumenism (29 Minutes)

Liturgical Changes Of Vatican II (30 Minutes)

Doctrinal Error Of Vatican II Overview (32 Minutes)

Heresy Of Lumen Gentium (26 Minutes)

Error Of The Decree On Ecumenism (21 Minutes)

Error Of Religious Liberty (37 Minutes)

Error Of Collegiality (13 Minutes)

Evil Disciplines Regarding Ecumenism (39 Minutes)

False Doctrine And Evil Discipline Regarding Marriage (25 Minutes)


Father Martin Stepanich:


Humani Generis: Encyclical On Modern Errors (45 Minutes)

Pope St. Pius X And Modernism (41 Minutes)


Father Anthony Cekada:


Basis For Faith (19 Minutes)

Francis Makes A Mess (26 Minutes)

The Motu Mass Benefits And Dangers (27 Minutes)

The One World Church And SSPX (17 Minutes)

The Power Of Mass Media (17 Minutes)

Ratzinger’s Frankenchurch Heresy (21 Minutes)

Trads: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? (18 Minutes)


Father Y


09-27-2015 Francis The Farce (24 Minutes)


Father Benedict Hughes:


The Errors Of The Novus Ordo (15 Minutes)

Francis In The USA (15 Minutes)

Modernism Is The Synthesis Of All Heresies (63 Minutes)

Modernism Planned And Executed (21 Minutes)

Vatican II What Does It Really Teach? (54 Minutes)



Father Casmir Puskorius:


The Church Cannot Fail (20 Minutes)

Faith Or Authority, Which Do We Follow (20 Minutes)


Father Charles McGuire:


St. Francis Vs Francis And The Power Of The Rosary (16 Minutes)