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Mount St. Michaels in Spokane, WA Sermons:

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Father Jurado, CMRI

14-JAN-2024 Jesus First Miracle (10 Minutes)

10-DEC-2023 Prophecies (13 Minutes)

19-NOV-2023 The Visible of the Church (10 Minutes)

15-OCT-2023 Miracles (12 Minutes)

17-SEP-2023 The Eternal Law (12 Minutes)

27-AUG-2023 Give Thanks Always (19 Minutes)

09-JUL-2023 Be Charitable (17 Minutes)

18-JUN-2023 God Takes Care of Us (16 Minutes)

08-JAN-2023 The Holy Family (18 Minutes)

07-MAY-2023 Let the Truth be Known (13 Minutes)

23-APR-2023 Our Good Shepherd (13 Minutes)

12-FEB-2023 The Enemies of Our Soul (15 Minutes)

11-DEC-2022 The Divine Banquet (09 Minutes)

09-OCT-2022 The Mercies of God (11 Minutes)

21-AUG-2022 Jesus Christ: Our Sweetness and Our Hope (11 Minutes)

26-MAY-2022 Ascension Thursday (11 Minutes)

Father Christopher Gronenthal

03-JUL-2022 Without God We Can Do Nothing (14 Minutes)

Father Gabriel Lavery, CMRI

Father Gabriel Lavery, CMRI

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14-MAY-2024 Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne (16 Minutes)

12-MAY-2024 Our Mother’s Love is a Wonder (15 Minutes)

09-MAY-2024 Make Heaven Your Goal in Life (08 Minutes)

09-APR-2024 Little Gisela and Holy Communion (10 Minutes)

14-MAR-2024 Devotion to the Passion of Jesus (09 Minutes)

12-MAR-2024 St. Gregory the Great Stories (17 Minutes)

05-MAR-2024 St. Joseph (09 Minutes)

20-FEB-2024 Sorrow for Sins (07 Minutes)

06-FEB-2024 Prepare for Lent (14 Minutes)

14-JAN-2024 The Holy Name (11 Minutes)

17-DEC-2023 Joy and Sadness (11 Minutes)

08-DEC-2023 Conceived Without Sin (14 Minutes)

19-NOV-2023 Purgatory (09 Minutes)

12-NOV-2023 Sing Hymns in Your Homes (13 Minutes)

OCT-2023 Papal Teachings on the Rosary (49 Minutes)

03-SEP-2023 Pope St. Puis X (20 Minutes)

20-AUG-2023 Charity and Conversions (10 Minutes)

15-AUG-2023 The Assumption (08 Minutes)

13-AUG-2023 Externals of the Church are Important (11 Minutes)

23-APR-2023 Pius XII on the Priest the Good Shepherd (19 Minutes)

OCT-2022 Can Catholics Resist the Pope (55 Minutes)

Father Gilchrist, CMRI

12-MAY-2023 The Love of Truth (05 Minutes)

11-MAY-2023 Ss. Philip and James: Love of Truth (07 Minutes)

12-JUN-2022 The Most Holy Trinity (20 Minutes)

Father Nino Molina:

25-JUL-2021 St. James And Grace (10 Minutes)

Father Augustine Walz:

09-AUG-2020   Humility   (10 Minutes)

26-JUL-2020   The Spirit Of The Flesh   (08 Minutes)

09-FEB-2020   Few Our Chosen   (15 Minutes)

02-FEB-2020   The Light Of The World   (10 Minutes)

02-FEB-2020   The Light Of The World   (10 Minutes)

26-JAN-2020   God’s Grace Is Unlimited   (12 Minutes)

12-JAN-2020   Holy Family   (12 Minutes)

22-DEC-2019   Prepare The Way Of The Lord   (07 Minutes)

24-NOV-2019   Use Your Time Well    (12 Minutes)

10-NOV-2019   The Tenets Of This World   (08 Minutes)

20-OCT-2019   Seek Heaven   (09 Minutes)

28-AUG-2019   Always Seek Grace   (08 Minutes)

28-JUL-2019   The Grace Of God   (08 Minutes)

07-JUL-2019   Boys Camp 2019 Talk 1   (06 Minutes)

07-JUL-2019   Love God   (08 Minutes)

30-JUN-2019   Grow In Your Love Of God   (07 Minutes)

23-JUN-2019   God’s Love For Mankind   (08 Minutes)

19-MAY-2019   Be A Good Example To The World   (09 Minutes)

12-MAY-2019   Blessed Mother’s Day   (04 Minutes)

28-APR-2019   Live The Faith Difficult Or Not   (07 Minutes)

27-MAR-2019   Wed Lenten Talk:   Sorrows Of Our Lord And Our Lady   (11 Minutes)

24-MAR-2019   Stations Of The Cross Eighth Through Twelfth   (10 Minutes)

20-JAN-2019   Love The Faith   (12 Minutes)

13-JAN-2019   Advance In Age And Wisdom   (09 Minutes)

25-DEC-2018   God Is With Us    2nd Sermon   (05 Minutes)

25-DEC-2018   God Always Sees You Act Accordingly    Sermon 1   (07 Minutes)

23-DEC-2018   Do Not Be Passive In The Love Of God   (04 Minutes)

16-DEC-2018   Let Us Rejoice   (04 Minutes)

08-DEC-2018   The Immaculate Conception   (04 Minutes)

25-NOV-2018   Focus On The Faith   (09 Minutes)

18-NOV-2018   Purgatory   (09 Minutes)

04-NOV-2018   Keep The Faith   (06 Minutes)

01-NOV-2018   All Saints Day   (06 Minutes)

28-OCT-2018   Christ The King And Truth   (09 Minutes)

26-AUG-2018   Walk In The Spirit Of God   (07 Minutes)

05-06-2018   Seek The Truth And Use God’s Graces   (09 Minutes)

03-19-2018   St. Joseph And Leaving Home   (04 Minutes)

02-11-2018   Charity Is A Key To Heaven   (11 Minute)

01-14-2018   Bear One And Others Burdens   (10 Minute)

12-17-2017   Rejoice Today   (08 Minutes)

12-13-2017   First Sermon As A Priest   (12 Minutes)

Father Philip Davis:

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04-SEP-2022 We Must Have Gratitude (12 Minutes)

26-JUN-2022 Humility Mortification and Zeal (14 Minutes)

26-MAY-2022 Keep Your Eyes On Heaven (08 Minutes)

15-MAY-2022 Come Holy Ghost (12 Minutes)

27-MAR-2022 Count Your Joys Today (09 Minutes)

20-MAR-2022 Your Will And Peace (11 Minutes)

06-MAR-2022 Our Spiritual Food (13 Minutes)

27-FEB-2022 Prepare Well For Lent (12 Minutes)

16-JAN-2022 The Woman (13 Minutes)

31-OCT-2021 Christ The King Vs. The World (12 Minutes)

19-SEP-2021 Baptism Of Blood And Desire (16 Minutes)

08-AUG-2021 Spiritual Blindness And Deafness (14 Minutes)

25-JUL-2021 St. James And Being Zealous (13 Minutes)

18-JUL-2021 Be The Good Steward (10 Minutes)

11-JUL-2020 Carefully Choose Your Friends (08 Minutes)

11-MAY-2021 Promote The Faith By Word And Deed (09 Minutes)

21-MAR-2021 And He Hid Himself (12 Minutes)

18-MAR-2021 The Holy Week Liturgy (10 Minutes)

14-MAR-2021 Be Joyful (09 Minutes)

13-MAR-2021 Day Of Recollection 2021 Second Talk: Gardening Your Soul (28 Minutes)

28-FEB-2021 Overcome The Temptations Of The Flesh (09 Minutes)

21-FEB-2021 Temptations (15 Minutes)

31-JAN-2021 Prepare For The Lenten Race (10 Minutes)

17-JAN-2021 Marriage And Love (16 Minutes)

10-JAN-2021 Make Our Family Holy Like Jesus Mary And Joseph (11 Minutes)

03-JAN-2021 The Most Holy Name (10 Minutes)

25-DEC-2020 The Word Was Made Flesh (09 Minutes)

13-DEC-2020 Joy Is Important (10 Minutes)

29-NOV-2020 A Fresh Start (11 Minutes)

22-NOV-2020 Prepare For The End (09 Minutes)

15-NOV-2020 The Two Prisoners (11 Minutes)

01-NOV-2020 Think About And Long For Heaven (10 Minutes)

25-OCT-2020 Christ The King (10 Minutes)

21-JUN-2020   The Sacred Heart   (10 Minutes)

14-JUN-2020 Reflections On The Holy Eucharist (10 Minutes)

31-MAY-2020 The Holy Ghost (09 Minutes)

24-MAY-2020 Profit From The Holy Ghost Novena (12 Minutes)

21-MAY-2020 How Do We Convert People To The True Faith (10 Minutes)

17-MAY-2020 Faith And Prayer (08 Minutes)

10-MAY-2020 Beauty, What Is It? (10 Minutes)

26-APR-2020 Stay Close To The Good Shepherd (08 Minutes)

20-APR-2020 A Lot To Learn On Low Sunday (10 Minutes)

29-MAR-2020 The Sign Of The Cross (10 Minutes)

22-MAR-2020 Spiritual Communion (05 Minutes)

09-FEB-2020 Spiritual Steps (12 Minutes)

15-FEB-2020 Fasting And Prayer (12 Minutes)

02-FEB-2020 Sorrows Of The Blessed Mother (11 Minutes)

26-JAN-2020 Faith (15 Minutes)

05-JAN-2020 The Holy Name Of Jesus (09 Minutes)

10-NOV-2019 How Should We Pray (15 Minutes)

01-NOV-2019 Let Us Become Saints (08 Minutes)

Day Of Recollection Talk 3_Knowledge Of Mary (45 Minutes)

22-SEP-2019 Confidence (11 Minutes)

15-SEP-2019 Our Lady Of Sorrows And To Be Happy (14 Minutes)

08-SEP-2019 Conform To God’s Graces (12 Minutes)

04-AUG-2019 The UnJust Steward (14 Minutes)

07-JUL-2019 Religious Vocations (14 Minutes)

19-MAY-2019 Parents, Teachers And Children (12 Minutes)

Father Aloysius Hartman:

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26-MAY-2024 The Blessed Trinity (10 Minutes)

09-MAY-2024 The Resurrection of Jesus (11 Minutes)

03-MAR-2024 Resign Yourself to God’s Will (11 Minutes)

18-FEB-2024 Sin (08 Minutes)

14-JAN-2024 The Presentation (10 Minutes)

07-JAN-2024 The Holy Family (10 Minutes)

01-JAN-2023 Resolve to Improve this Year (11 Minutes)

25-DEC-2023 Christmas 2nd Mass (09 Minutes)

08-DEC-2023 The Immaculate Conception (10 Minutes)

26-NOV-2023 Fasting and Prayer (11 Minutes)

01-OCT-2023 The Holy Rosary (10 Minutes)

17-SEP-2023 St. Peter Nolasco (09 Minutes)

03-SEP-2023 Seek God First (09 Minutes)

27-AUG-2023 St. Augustine (08 Minutes)

25-JUN-2023 St. Aloysius Gonzaga and Purity (09 Minutes)