Archives IV

Father Stephen Sandquest:

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26-FEB-2023 Temptations (13 Minutes)

Father Caleb Sons:

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01-AUG-2021 Does Christ Weep Over Your Soul (12 Minutes)

18-JUL-2021 Cancelling Debt (12 Minutes)

27-JUN-2021 From His Heart (08 Minutes)

20-JUN-2021 Prayer Net (14 Minutes)

13-JUN-2021 The Heart Of The Priest (22 Minutes)

06-JUN-2021 Finger Of God (16 Minutes)

30-MAY-2021 Living In The Trinity (13 Minutes)

22-MAY-2021 Praying Well (19 Minutes)

16-MAY-2021 Prudent In Prayer (22 Minutes)

13-MAY-2021 Ascending To Heaven (19 Minutes)

02-MAY-2021 Finding Your Cross (14 Minutes)

25-APR-2021 Who Is St. Joseph (16 Minutes)

18-APR-2021 Following Christ The Shepherd (18 Minutes)

11-APR-2021 Unless We Can Believe (15 Minutes)

04-APR-2021 The Change Of Easter (11 Minutes)

21-MAR-2021 The Passion Of Humility (07 Minutes)

14-MAR-2021 Rejoicing For The Priesthood (24 Minutes)

07-MAR-2021 Light Of God In Confession (17 Minutes)

28-FEB-2021 It Is Good For Us To Be Here (19 Minutes)

17-FEB-2021 Confidence In Lent (16 Minutes)

07-FEB-2021 The Good Soil Of Grace (12 Minutes)

31-JAN-2021 Receiving The Light Of God Into Our Souls (16 Minutes)

17-JAN-2021 Marriage And Love (16 Minutes)

24-JAN-2021 As You Have Believed So Be It (13 Minutes)

10-JAN-2021 Fill Up Draw Out (13 Minutes)

03-JAN-2021 Medicine Of The Holy Name (09 Minutes)

01-JAN-2021 Circumcision By Suffering (09 Minutes)

25-DEC-2020 War For Emmanuel (07 Minutes)

20-DEC-2020 Renovating Our Souls For Christmas (15 Minutes)

13-DEC-2020 Make Your Petitions Known To God Without Anxiety (13 Minutes)

12-DEC-2020 The Hopeful Spirit Of Advent (16 Minutes)

29-NOV-2020 Three Figures Of Advent (15 Minutes)

22-NOV-2020 Liturgical Year 2 (19 Minutes)

15-NOV-2020 Liturgical Year 1 (18 Minutes)

08-NOV-2020 The Divine Couple (22 Minutes)

01-NOV-2020 A Great Multitude Beyond Number (13 Minutes)

27-OCT-2019 The Heart And The Face Of The King (16 minutes)

25-OCT-2020 Never Forget Your King (11 Minutes)

11-OCT-2020 Signs And Wonders (14 Minutes)

05-OCT-2020 Christ Calls To Our Souls (13 Minutes)

04-OCT-2020 On the Maternity of Our Lady (16 Minutes)

27-SEP-2020 Loving God In Mental Prayer (25 Minutes)

20-SEP-2020 Incomprehensible Love Of Christ (15 Minutes)

13-SEP-2020 Vocations: Raising Up Souls To Praise God (29 Minutes)

06-SEP-2020 Mammon In The Soul (22 Minutes)

30-AUG-2020 Leprous Souls (15 Minutes)

23-AUG-2020 The Divine Samaritan (18 Minutes)

27-OCT-2019 The Heart And The Face Of The King (16 minutes)

Father Thomas Simpson:

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09-OCT-2022 Our Lord Healed Sin (08 Minutes)

Father Anthony Brueggemann:

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16-JUN-2022 St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart (12 Minutes)