St. Hugh of Lincoln

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Bishop Daniel Dolan RIP:

 In “Our Lady” Page:

10-20-2013 The Other Green Bay Shrine (23 Minutes)


In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln” Page:

22-SEP-2019   Stop And Carry   (16 Minutes)

04-AUG-2019   Spirit And The Flesh   (16 Minutes)

03-AUG-2019   Days Of Devotion   (10 Minutes)

02-AUG-2019   Suffering With Christ   (08 Minutes)

02-JUN-2019   Consolation From The Holy Ghost   (23 Minutes)

01-JUN-2019   Our Lady Preparers Us   (10 Minutes)

06-JAN-2019   The Catholics Epiphany   (22 Minutes)

05-JAN-2019   Follow The Star   (10 Minutes)

04-JAN-2019   Death Of Innocence   (11 Minutes)


04-23-2018   Confirmation: What You Saw   (06 Minutes)

04-22-2018   Confirmation: Why So Young?   (18 Minutes)

04-20-2018   St. Joseph And Envy   (14 Minutes)


08-06-2017   Transfiguration Not Trans   (23 Minutes)

05-21-2017   The Holy Ghost Does The Work   (20 Minutes)

05-20-2017   St. Bernard Of Siena:   The Beauty Of Devotion   (12 Minutes)

05-19-2017   St. Peter Celestine:   Do Well For You   (14 Minutes)

02-26-2017   Why Are We Here   (23 Minutes)

02-25-2017   Funeral Sermon Jerry Remell   (15 Minutes)

02-24-2017   Humility Of St. Matthias   (9 Minutes)


07-31-2016   Come Down   (17 Minutes)

07-30-2016   Divine Providence   (14 Minutes)

07-29-2016   St. Martha The Believer   (13 Minutes)


06-21-2015 The Real Father (16 Minutes)

04-12-2015 Snookered (19 Minutes)

04-11-2015 I Do Believe (10 Minutes)


07-27-2014 Salt Of The Earth (18 Minutes)

07-26-2014 Feast Of St. Anne (13 Minutes)

06-29-2014 Feast Of St. Peter And St. Paul (15 Minutes)

06-29-2014 Confirmation Talk (2 Minutes)

06-27-2014 Feast Of The Sacred Heart (9 Minutes)

02-09-2014 St. Cyril Of Alexandria (20 Minutes)

02-08-2014 Be Ready (12 Minutes)

02-07-2014 St. Romuald (15 Minutes)


10-11-2013 Maternity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (06 Minutes)


Bishop Donald Sanborn:

 In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln And Catechism” Page:

01-19-2014 The Baptism Of Jesus (18 Minutes)


Father Caleb Sons:

 In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln” Page:

29-SEP-2019   Saint Michael Protector Of The Eucharist   (12 minutes)


Fr. Anthony Cekada:

 In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln And Archives 1” Page:

21-JUL-2019   Hunger For God   (11 Minutes)

07-16-2017   Compassion On The Crowd   (17 Minutes)


07-20-2014 25th Anniversary Of St. Hugh Of Lincoln Church (24 Minutes)


09-01-2013 Receive The Sacraments Worthly To Combat Daily Battles (13 Minutes)


Bishop Charles McGuire:

 In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

10-12-2014 Rash Judging (16 Minutes)


In “Catechism” Page:

11-03-2013 Purgatory Is A Work Of Love Towards Men (20 Minutes)

11-02-2014 All About Indulgences (16 Minutes)


In “Novus Ordo” Page:

St. Francis Vs Francis And The Power Of The Rosary (16 Minutes)


In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln And Archives 1” Page:

30-JAN-2022 Storms Of Despondency (11 Minutes)

28-JAN-2022 Ransoming Captives (07 Minutes)

27-FEB-2022 Who And What God Is? (13 Minutes)

08-FEB-2022 Roman Zimmermann’s Eulogy (14 Minutes)

06-FEB-2022 Glorify God In All We Do (15 Minutes)

29-JAN-2022 Virginia Kramer Eulogy (15 Minutes)

06-NOV-2021 Coronation (07 Minutes)

05-NOV-2021 Sacred Heart And The Grace To Do One’s Duty (07 Minutes)

04-NOV-2021 How Beautiful The Soul (06 Minutes)

03-NOV-2021 St. Charles And The Enemy (05 Minutes)

03-NOV-2021 Your Soul Is Going SOMEWHERE (06 Minutes)

02-NOV-2021 Padre Pio’s Visitors (08 Minutes)

01-NOV-2021 Confidence As The Saint’s Have (18 Minutes)

31-OCT-2021 Christ The King (14 Minutes)

30-OCT-2021 The Solution (14 Minutes)

15-OCT-2021 St. Teresa Of Avila (07 Minutes)

12-OCT-2021 St. Hedwigs Trust (07 Minutes)

03-OCT-2021 Power And Promises Of The Rosary (22 Minutes)

02-OCT-2021 Angels And The Rosary (09 Minutes)

25-JUL-2021 St. James The Greater (16 Minutes)

01-JUN-2021 The Martyr Who Read St. Justin (06 Minutes)

30-MAY-2021 Sadness (15 Minutes)

13-MAY-2021 Our Anchor (13 Minutes)

29-APR-2021 Love, Learn, And Live Your Faith (06 Minutes)

25-APR-2021 Confidence In God (08 Minutes)

24-APR-2021 St. Fidelis The Faithful (07 Minutes)

23-APR-2021 St. George (12 Minutes)

11-APR-2021 A Fallen World And A Risen Savior (19 Minutes)

11-APR-2021 Silent Is His Work (08 Minutes)

05-APR-2021 Easter Week (09 Minutes)

19-MAR-2021 Day Of Recollection For Children: Zeal Of Young St. Dominic Savio (06 Minutes)

19-MAR-2021 Day Of Recollection For Children Silent In His Work (08 Minutes)

19-MAR-2021 Day Of Recollection For Children Judged On Our Charity (05 Minutes)

19-MAR-2021 The Cross (15 Minutes)

19-MAR-2021 The Cross (15 Minutes)

14-MAR-2021 The Privilege Of The Altar Server (08 Minutes)

07-MAR-2021 Sacred Heart Thoughts (06 Minutes)

04-MAR-2021 Treasures (05 Minutes)

28-FEB-2021 A Persistent Woman (13 Minutes)

28-FEB-2021 St. Phontina (07 Minutes)

26-FEB2021 You Are Made Whole (08 Minutes)

16-FEB-2021 Holy Face Source Of Courage (06 Minutes)

14-FEB-2021 Lord That I May See (15 Minutes)

12-FEB-2021 Tears To Glory (07 Minutes)

31-JAN-2021 Idleness Vs. Preparation (13 Minutes)

17-JAN-2021 Hope For A Hopeless World (17 Minutes)

16-JAN-2021 Pope Of The Stables (07 Minutes)

15-JAN-2021 A Hermits Daily Bread (07 Minutes)

10-JAN-2021 Divine Renewal Of Marriage (19 Minutes)

27-SEP-2020 God’s Gift Of Mercy (17 Minutes)

13-JUN-2020 Hard Times Hard Heads And A Mule (09 Minutes)

12-JUN-2020 St. John Of Sahagun (07 Minutes)

24-MAY-2020 Persecutions (18 Minutes)

23-MAY-2020 St. John Baptist DeRossi (08 Minutes)

22-MAY-2020 St. Rita And Our Wounds (18 Minutes)

21-MAY-2020 Our Lady And The Ascension (11 Minutes)

15-MAR-2020 Peace In Chaos (14 Minutes)

22-DEC-2019   Mystery Of Love   (15 Minutes)

21-DEC-2019   The Dayspring Coming To Enlighten Us   (08 Minutes)

20-DEC-2019   Mary’s Journey And Ours   (08 Minutes)

08-DEC-2019   Modern Minimalism Vs Catholic Penance   (14 Minutes)

07-DEC-2019   Surprises Of Life   (06 Minutes)

06-DEC-2019   St. Nicholas A Man Of Faith   (07 Minutes)

24-NOV-2019  The Precious Cross   (15 Minutes)

11-NOV-2019 Soap For The Soul (17 Minutes)

13-OCT-2019   New Keep At It   (13 Minutes)

12-OCT-2019   Balancing The Scale   (05 Minutes)

11-OCT-2019   Two Chains   (07 Minutes)

07-OCT-2019   Forgiveness And The Passion Of Christ   (09 Minutes)

06-OCT-2019   Pope Leo XIII   On The Rosary Against Modern Society   (21 Minutes)

04-OCT-2019    Saint Francis Rebuild Of My Church   (08 Minutes)

15-SEP-2019   Never Forget I Forgot   (13 Minutes)

14-SEP-2019   A Piece Of The Cross   (08 Minutes)

08-SEP-2019   Our Lady And Increasing In Grace   (15 Minutes)

07-SEP-2019   Milwaukee’s Saint   (08 Minutes)

06-SEP-2019   Filled Up Chalices   (06 Minutes)

01-SEP-2019   The Call Of Social Media Vs The Call Of God   (22 Minutes)

31-AUG-2019   St. Raymond Humble Beginnings Precious  Endings   (09 Minutes)

11-AUG-2019   Soap For The Soul   (17 Minutes)

10-AUG-2019   Kathy Reimer Funeral Eulogy   (17 Minutes)

09-AUG-2019   A Saint And Conversions   (09 Minutes)

14-JUL-2019   Pharisees Verses True Catholics   (15 Minutes)

13-JUL-2019   Friend Lend Me Three Loaves   (14 Minutes)

12-JUL-2019   The Beginning Of A Whole Chain Of Graces   (09 Minutes)

30-JUN-2019   The Blood Of Martyrs   (18 Minutes)

23-JUN-2019   Cenacle And Tabernacle   (17 Minutes)

22-JUN-2019   Freedom At A Cost   (09 Minutes)

21-JUN-2019   You Should Know   (07 Minutes)

30-MAY-2019   Can It Really Be That Easy   (20 Minutes)

19-MAY-2019   Hope Our Spiritual Anchor   (17 Minutes)

18-MAY-2019   St. Venantius Teenage Martyr   (07 Minutes)

06-APR-2019   Light Of The World   (07 Minutes)

05-APR-2019   Lazarus Our Friend   (12 Minutes)

17-MAR-2019   Thabors Lesson   (16 Minutes)

15-MAR-2019   Lances Nails And Longinus   (09 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Temptation   (16 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Love Of God Conference Number 1   (20 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Love Of God Conference Number 2   (26 Minutes)

09-MAR-2019   The Fourth Watch   (08 Minutes)

08-MAR-2019   How It All Came Together   (09 Minutes)

03-MAR-2019   St. Veronica And The Holy Face   (17 Minutes)

02-MAR-2019   Do Penance With Joy   (07 Minutes)

08-FEB-2019   Gods And Our Concern For The Sick   (05 Minutes)

08-FEB-2019   St. John Of Matha Charity Exhausted   (10 Minutes)

03-FEB-2019   Sleeping Or Watching   (17 Minutes)

01-FEB-2019   The Grain Of Wheat   (07 Minutes)

27-JAN-2019   A True View Of Our Lord   (19 Minutes)

26-JAN-2019   How’s Your Endurance   (13 Minutes)

25-JAN-2019   Have You Been Converted   (08 Minutes)

20-JAN-2019   Mary The Great Mediatrix   (14 Minutes)

19-JAN-2019   God’s Many Ways Of Coverting Souls   (06 Minutes)

18-JAN-2019   Conversions   (05 Minutes)

Father Stephen McKenna:

In St. Hugh of Lincoln and Archives II” Page:

11-JUN-2022 The Feast of Corpus Christi (17 Minutes)

Father Anthony Brueggemann:

 In St. Hugh of Lincoln and Archives IV” Page:

16-JUN-2022 St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart (12 Minutes)