Archives I

Bishop McKenna:

In “Catechism” Page:

Assisting At Mass (10 Minutes)

On Limbo (10 Minutes)

Resurrection Of The Body (15 Minutes)

In “Novus Ordo” Page:

Legacy Of JPII (10 Minutes)

Novus Ordo Sex Scandal (11 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

Demonic Possessions And Exorcism (12 Minutes)

Traps Of The Devil (13 Minutes)

Bishop Robert Neville:

12-14-2008 ModerationIn All Things (17 Minutes)

12-08-2008 The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (14 Minutes)

12-07-2008 Human Respect (13 Minutes)

11-30-2008 The Spirit Of Advent (14 Minutes)

08-31-2008 We Must Savor The Grace Of God And The Spiritual Life (19 Minutes)

08-17-2008 Material Wealth And The Doctrine Of Christ (14 Minutes)

08-15-2008 The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (24 Minutes)

08-10-2008 The Feast Of Saint Lawrence The Martyr (21 Minutes)

07-27-2008 The Value Of The Grace Of God (12 Minutes)

07-20-2008 Pride Or Humility (26 Minutes)

07-13-2008 The Time Of Our Own Visitation (23 Minutes)

07-13-2008 Stewardship (12 Minutes)

06-29-2008 Feast Of Ss. Peter And Paul (19 Minutes)

06-08-2008 Overcoming Discouragement (8 Minutes)

05-25-2008 Excusing Ourselves (6 Minutes)

05-11-2008 Confirmations On Pentecost Sunday (23 Minutes)

04-27-2008 The Rule Of Faith And The Rule Of Conduct (20 Minutes)

04-20-2008 Self Love And The Capital Sin Of Anger (16 Minutes)

04-13-2008 The Mystery Of Suffering (12 Minutes)

04-06-2008 The Value Of Suffering (11 Minutes)

03-30-2008 Faith And Fidelity (11 Minutes)

03-23-2008 The Joy Of The Resurrection (11 Minutes)

03-21-2008 The Contrasts Of Calvary (20 Minutes)

03-09-2008 Passion Sunday (10 Minutes)

03-02-2008 Laetare Sunday Christian (19 Minutes)

Bishop Markus Ramolla:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

Andrew DeBrosse Funeral: Prepare Well For Death (15 Minutes)

Be A Good Sheppard Of Your Soul (17 Minutes)

The Beauty Of A Soul In The State Of Grace (20 Minutes)

The Brown Scapular (16 Minutes)

Confidence In God (22 Minutes)

Contrition (20 Minutes)

The Cross And The Crucifix (19 Minutes)

The Cross Purifies Us (22 Minutes)

Heaven Our True Home (19 Minutes)

The Holy Name Of Jesus (20 Minutes)

It Is Appointed Unto Man (22 Minutes)

Let Us Always Be Thankful (13 Minutes)

The Last Judgment (16 Minutes)

The Love Of God (18 Minutes)

Make A Good Confession (16 Minutes)

Mortal Sin (20 Minutes)

Pray For A Happy Death (27 Minutes)

Prepare For Death (19 Minutes)

Remember The Purpose Of Life, That Is To Go To Heaven (16 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession I: The Examination Of Conscience (14 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession II: Mortal Sin (22 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession III: Contrition (19 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession IV: Firm Purpose Of Amendment (28 Minutes)

The Sacred Heart (15 Minutes)

St. Margaret Mary Of Alacoque And The Great Promise (20 Minutes)

Watch And Pray (16 Minutes)

In “Saints” Page:

St. Albert The Great (18 Minutes)

St. Anne (18 Minutes)

Three Pictures Of St. Augustine (16 Minutes)

St. Joseph: Model Of All Who Labor (17 Minutes)

St. Margaret Mary Of Alacoque And The Great Promise (20 Minutes)

St. Mary Magdalene (18 Minutes)

St. Peter The First Pope (20 Minutes)

St. Pius X To The Children (10 Minutes)

St. Therese Of The Child Jesus (17 Minutes)

In “Our Lady” Page:

Nativity Of Mary (8 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel And The Brown Scapular (11 Minutes)

Pray The Rosary Everyday (17 Minutes)

The Rosary (22 Minutes)

The Rosary Is The Breviary Of The Laity (21 Minutes)

The Ten Lepers and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (19 Minutes)

True Devotion To The Blessed Mother:

Conference 1: Marian Retreat (17 Minutes)

Conference 2: Creation And Election Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (48 Minutes)

Conference 3: Mary The Co-Redemtrix (41 Minutes)

Conference 4: Mediatrix Of All Graces (58 Minutes)

Conference 5: True Devotion To The Blessed Virgin (63 Minutes)

Conference 6: First Saturday Of Reparation (48 Minutes)

Conference 7: The Third Element Is Devotion To The Immaculate Heart (28 Minutes)

Conference 8: Consecration To The Immaculate Heart (50 Minutes)

Conference 9 Total Consecration (89 Minutes)

Conference 10: Interior Practice Of The True Devotion (54 Minutes)

Conference 11 Living The Total Consecration Part 1 (70 Minutes)

Conference 12 Living The Total Consecration Part (47 Minutes)

1st Week_2nd Meditation_Two Parties (18 Minutes)

1st Week_3rd Meditation_Money And Ownership (22 Minutes)

1st Week_4th Meditation_Power And Honor (23 Minutes)

1st Week_5th Meditation_Purity (11 Minutes)

1st Week_6th Meditation_Intellectual Pride (30 Minutes)

1st Week_7th Meditation_Human Respect (18 Minutes)

1st Week_8th Meditation_Pleasures Of This World (18 Minutes)

1st Week_9th Meditation_Truthfulness (18 Minutes)

1st Week_10th Meditation_Liberty (18 Minutes)

1st Week_11th Meditation_Fear (18 Minutes)

1st Week_12th Meditation_Death (21 Minutes)

2nd Week_1st Meditation_Examination (23 Minutes)

2nd Week_2nd Meditation_Our Corruption (20 Minutes)

2nd Week_3rd Meditation_Interior Death (15 Minutes)

2nd Week_4th Meditation_Selflove (23 Minutes)

2nd Week_5th Meditation_Pride (17 Minutes)

2nd Week_6th Meditation_Sloth (21 Minutes)

2nd Week_7th Meditation_Lack Of Charity (22 Minutes)

3rd Week_1st Meditation_Mary And The Blessed Trinity (23 Minutes)

3rd Week_2nd Meditation_Spouse Of The Holy Ghost (12 Minutes)

3rd Week_3rd Meditation_Mother Of Christ And Of His Mystical Body (21 Minutes)

3rd Week_4th Meditation_Mediatrix Of All Graces (16 Minutes)

3rd Week_5th Meditation_Queen Of The Apostles (14 Minutes)

3rd Week_6th Meditation_The Woman In The Apocalypse (26 Minutes)

3rd Week_7th Meditation_Necessity Of Devotion To Mary (16 Minutes)

4th Week_1st Meditation_The Incarnation Of Christ (24 Minutes)

4th Week_2nd Meditation_Redemption (23 Minutes)

4th Week_3rd Meditation_The Blessed Sacrament (17 Minutes)

4th Week_4th Meditation_Knowledge Of Christ (10 Minutes)

4th Week_5th Meditation_Fidelity To The Vows Of Our Baptism (15 Minutes)

4th Week_6th Meditation_Transformation Into Christ (11 Minutes)

In “Catechism” Page:

Anger (14 Minutes)

Contrition (20 Minutes)

Faith (20 Minutes)

Faith II (19 Minutes)

The Gift Of Fortitude (17 Minutes)

Heaven (17 Minutes)

The Holy Name Of Jesus (20 Minutes)

The Last Judgment (16 Minutes)

Mortal Sin And Hell (21 Minutes)

Our Guardian Angels (19 Minutes)

The Porter (17 Minutes)

Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar (18 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession I: The Examination Of Conscience (14 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession II: Mortal Sin (22 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession III: Contrition (19 Minutes)

Sacrament Of Confession IV: Firm Purpose Of Amendment (28 Minutes)

The Sign Of The Cross (13 Minutes)

Trust In Divine Providence (19 Minutes)

The Virtue Of Hope (21 Minutes)

What Will Heaven Be Like (26 Minutes)

Your Guardian Angel (25 Minutes)

In “During Lent” Page:

Jesus Falls Three Times (19 Minutes)

Jesus Is Condemned To Death Station 1 (20 Minutes)

Jesus Laden With The Cross (20 Minutes)

Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother: Fourth Station (18 Minutes)

The Seven Last Words V: “I Thirst” (17 Minutes)

Simon Of Cyrene, Veronica, And The Weeping Women (24 Minutes)

Three Stations On Calvary (19 Minutes)

Lenten Sermons 2011:

Lent 2011 Sorrowful Mother (19 Minutes)

Lent 2011 The Sorrows Of The Mother Of Jesus (14 Minutes)

Lent 2011 Third Word His Legacy His Mother (20 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

Alice Therese Hagerty RIP (21 Minutes)

Bernie Bruggemann RIP 02-19-2011, A Man Of Charity (19 Minutes)

Death (20 Minutes)

Dedication Of Brueggemann Hall (5 Minutes)

Forty Hours Devotion (20 Minutes)

The Mission Of The Church (18 Minutes)

The Reign Of Christ The King (17 Minutes)


02-APR-2023 Palm Sunday and the Fickleness of the Jews (12 Minutes)

The Traditional Latin Mass Versus the New Mass Part I (29 Minutes)

The Traditional Latin Mass Versus the New Mass Part II (27 Minutes)

The Traditional Latin Mass Versus the New Mass Part III (29 Minutes)

Marian Retreat (17 Minutes)

05-20-2012 Farewell St. Albert The Great (26 Minutes)

05-13-2012 The Road To Heaven (18 Minutes)

04-22-2012 I Am The Good Shepard (26 Minutes)

04-15-2012 The Virtue Of Faith (18 Minutes)

03-11-2012 I Thrist (18 Minutes)

03-03-2012 My God Why Has Thou Forsaken Me (19 Minutes)

02-26-2012 Woman Behold Thy Son Behold Thy Mother (21 Minutes)

02-19-2012 This Day Thou Shalt Be With Me In Paradise (20 Minutes)

02-05-2012 The Cross Of Christ (19 Minutes)

01-29-2012 St. Francis DeSales: The Saint Of Meekness (11 Minutes)

01-15-2012 The Wedding At Cana (15 Minutes)

12-25-2011 The Christmas Sermon (18 Minutes)

12-18-2011 Preparation For Christmas (21 Minutes)

12-11-2011 Let Us Have Confidence In God (24 Minutes)

12-04-2011 Hope (24 Minutes)

11-20-2011 Last Judgment (21 Minutes)

11-13-2011 Facing The Judge (21 Minutes)

11-02-2011 May They Rest In Peace (15 Minutes)

11-01-2011 All Saints Our Brethren (17 Minutes)

10-30-2011 Christ The King (21 Minutes)

10-23-2011 Mission Of The Church (22 Minutes)

09-18-2011 The Seven Sorrows Of Our Lady (21 Minutes)

08-15-2011 The Assumption Of Our Lady (15 Minutes)

08-14-2011 Tears Of Our Lord (19 Minutes)

07-17-2011 Wear The Scapular Faithfully (12 Minutes)

07-13-2011 Pray For Sinners (12 Minutes)

07-03-2011 The Shedding Of The Precious Blood (18 Minutes)

07-02-2011 The Wound Of The Sacred Heart (19 Minutes)

07-01-2011 Behold The Sacred Heart Of Jesus (21 Minutes)

06-29-2011 St. Paul (16 Minutes)

06-26-2011 The Blessed Sacrament In The Tabernacle (17 Minutes)

06-19-2011 The Most Blessed Trinity (14 Minutes)

06-05-2011 Talk To First Communicants (12 Minutes)

06-05-2011 Blessed Sacrament (16 Minutes)

06-02-2011 The Ascension (11 Minutes)

05-22-2011 The Way To Heaven (17 Minutes)

05-16-2011 Hope (19 Minutes)

05-02-2011 St. Joseph (16 Minutes)

05-08-2011 The Crowning Of The BVM (12 Minutes)

05-01-2011 Faith (22 Minutes)

04-24-2011 The Resurrection (14 Minutes)

04-17-2011 The Celebration Of Palm Sunday (10 Minutes)

04-10-2011 Mary’s First Shrine: Christ’s Grave (17 Minutes)

04-03-2011 Three Stations On Calvary (19 Minutes)

03-11-2011 Behold Oh Men (12 Minutes)

03-04-2011 The Way To Heaven (24 Minutes)

02-20-2011 A Letter Written In Blood (16 Minutes)

02-06-2011 Fortitude (20 Minutes)

01-23-2011 Tears Of Ss. Peter And Paul (22 Minutes)

01-16-2011 Your Family A Sanctuary (16 Minutes)

01-09-2011 Imitate The Holy Family (22 Minutes)

01-02-2011 The Holy Name (21 Minutes)

12-26-2010 St. Stephen (19 Minutes)

12-25-2010 Christmas (20 Minutes)

12-19-2010 True Penance (18 Minutes)

12-12-2010 Rejoice (19 Minutes)

12-08-2010 The Immaculate Conception (16 Minutes)

11-15-2010 St. Albert The Great: The Struggle With His Vocation (13 Minutes)

11-05-2010 First Friday (10 Minutes)

10-10-2010 Follow God’s Sign Posts (20 Minutes)

10-01-2010 Taste And See The Lord Is Sweet (13 Minutes)

09-19-2010 The Seven Sorrows Of Our Lady (17 Minutes)

08-29-2010 Divine Providence (19 Minutes)

08-15-2010 The Assumption (18 Minutes)

08-07-2010 2010 Boy’s Camp: The Rosary (10 Minutes)

08-07-2010 2010 Boy’s Camp: St. Ignatius Of Loyola (10 Minutes)

07-04-2010 The Precious Blood (17 Minutes)

06-13-2010 The Sacred Heart Of Jesus (17 Minutes)

06-06-2010 Divine Providence (18 Minutes)

05-30-2010 Blessed Trinity (17 Minutes)

05-23-2010 Heaven (22 Minutes)

05-02-2010 Hope (20 Minutes)

04-18-2010 We Are Good Sheppards (22 Minutes)

04-11-2010 The Virtue Of Faith (19 Minutes)

02-21-2010 Protect Yourself Against The Devil (15 Minutes)

02-17-2010 Dust And Ashes (11 Minutes)

02-14-2010 Behold We Go Up To Jerusalem (17 Minutes)

Anger (16 Minutes)

The Beauty Of A Soul In The State Of Grace (14 Minutes)

Confession Part I (17 Minutes)

The Cross And Our Salvation (9 Minutes)

The Cross Of Christ (19 Minutes)

Great Need For Missionaries To The Children (9 Minutes)

Heaven Our True Home (21 Minutes)

The Holy Name Of Jesus (12 Minutes)

Lent Friday IV: The Mystery Of The Cross (14 Minutes)

The Love Of Our Sorrowful Mother (9 Minutes)

Mary Our Queen And Mother (14 Minutes)

The Mass (14 Minutes)

Mortal Sin (17 Minutes)

The Most Precious Blood Of Jesus (17 Minutes)

Never Forget Heaven Is Your Most Important Goal In Life (18 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Fatima Speaks About Hell (11 Minutes)

Penance (10 Minutes)

Poor Souls In Purgatory (8 Minutes)

Preparation For Lent (15 Minutes)

The Seven Sorrows Of The Blessed Mother (16 Minutes)

St. Bernadette (6 Minutes)

St. Joseph To The Children (17 Minutes)

St. Joseph (13 Minutes)

St. Patrick (6 Minutes)

St. Peter Claver (8 Minutes)

St. Peter’s Faith (21 Minutes)

St. Raphael The Archangel To The Children (7 Minutes)

Temptation (17 Minutes)

The Way Of The Cross (6 Minutes)

Abbot Leonard:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

08-30-2009 Let Us Be Charitable Catholics (30 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

08-15-2010 The Love Of God: Learn From Our Lady (28 Minutes)

07-25-2010 Banish Pride From Your Hearts (24 Minutes)

07-18-2010 Be Industrious In The Salvation Of Your Soul (24 Minutes)

07-11-2010 Pray For Hope And Love (38 Minutes)

03-21-2010 Words Of Love (41 Minutes)

02-28-2010 Holy Things In Our Homes (36 Minutes)

02-14-2010 Charity And Cleaning House (47 Minutes)

01-31-2010 What Race Are You Running? (32 Minutes)

01-17-2010 There Is No Wine (23 Minutes)

01-10-2010 Feast Of The Most Holy Family (29 Minutes)

01-03-2010 Holy Name Of Jesus (16 Minutes)

12-20-2009 Go Into The Stable (32 Minutes)

12-13-2009 Prepare For Christ (21 Minutes)

11-29-2009 Look Only To Yourselves (31 Minutes)

10-18-2009 Do This Before Death (25 Minutes)

10-11-2009 Is Heaven Impossible? (35 Minutes)

09-27-2009 Loving God Will Make Your Free (28 Minutes)

09-06-2009 Your Religion Should Be In Your Heart (14 Minutes)

07-26-2009 Let Us Learn From Our Lord (20 Minutes)

07-05-2009 What Do I Do Today To Save My Soul? (28 Minutes)

06-28-2009 Learn To Talk Personally To God (30 Minutes)

In “Archives” Page:

08-15-2010 Assumption Of The Blessed Mother (28 Minutes)

Father Martin Stepanich:

 In “Saints” Page:

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (35 Minutes)

The Beloved Disciple Of My Sacred Heart (49 Minutes)

The Cross Of St. John Of The Cross (37 Minutes)

Padre Pio (32 Minutes)

St. Anthony Of Padua And Our Lady (35 Minutes)

St. Bernadette Of Lourdes (42 Minutes)

St. John Bosco (36 Minutes)

St. John Bosco The Dreamer (34 Minutes)

St. John Eudes: Apostle Of The Hearts Of Jesus And Mary (34 Minutes)

St. Joseph During His Last Years (29 Minutes)

St. Maria Goretti Angel Of Purity (31 Minutes)

St. Stephen: Favorite Of Our Lady (32 Minutes)

St. Theresa Of Avila (35 Minutes)

St. Therese: My Name Is Written In Heaven (33 Minutes)

St. Thomas Aquinas (42 Minutes)

The Dumb Ox Of Roccasecca: St. Thomas Aquinas (40 Minutes)

The Saint Of The Miraculous Medal (39 Minutes)

In “Our Lady” Page:

John Duns Scotus Doctor Of The Immaculate Conception (40 Minutes)

The Joy Of Mary’s Nativity (38 Minutes)

Our Lady Of La Salette (30 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Pontmain (49 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Sorrows Model Of Reparations (33 Minutes)

Presentation Of Our Lady (29 Minutes)

The Divine Message Of Guadalupe (31 Minutes)

The Nativity Of Mary (40 Minutes)

The Rosary In Modern Marian Apparitions (37 Minutes)

Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary (42 Minutes)

In “Catechism” Page:

And There Was A Battle In Heaven (33 Minutes)

I Firmly Hold That There Is A Purgatory (39 Minutes)

Forty Days Sojourn Of The Risen Lord (31 Minutes)

The Incarnation Of The Son Of God (30 Minutes)

The Magi Kings Of The Orient (29 Minutes)

Outside The Church There Is No Salvation (40 Minutes)

Presentation Of The Child Jesus In The Temple (33 Minutes)

With Mary In Bethlehem (33 Minutes)

In “Novus Ordo” Page:

Humani Generis: Encyclical On Modern Errors (45 Minutes)

Pope St. Pius X And Modernism (41 Minutes)

In “During Lent” Page:

Apparition Of The Risen Lord To Mary (31 Minutes)

Consider If There Be Any Sorrow Like To My Sorrow (33 Minutes)

The Crowning With Thorns (31 Minutes)

Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit (35 Minutes)

The Man Of Sorrows (30 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

The Holy Family Yesterday And Today (34 Minutes)

Humani Generis: Encyclical On Modern Errors (45 Minutes)

Mary And The Priesthood (26 Minutes)

Mary Heavenly Mother Of The Church (31 Minutes)

Mediator Dei And The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass (40 Minutes)

Our Lady Of The Blessed Sacrament (35 Minutes)

Reparation To Mary’s Immaculate Heart (32 Minutes)

St. Michael The Angel Of Fatima (34 Minutes)

The Syllabus Of Errors Of Pius IX (37 Minutes)

Unity Of The Hearts Of Jesus And Mary (40 Minutes)

In “Archives” Page:

Because Of Jesus And Mary, St. Joseph (23 Minutes)

Encylical On The Mystical Body Of Christ (33 Minutes)

He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease (34 Minutes)

In This Sign Thou Shalt Conquer (30 Minutes)

Jesus Sheds His Most Precious Blood Along The Way Of The Cross (38 Minutes)

Mary Is The Work Of God (31 Minutes)

Pope St. Pius X: “The Burning Flame” (34 Minutes)

Sacred Heart Devotion It’s Basis And Need (27 Minutes)

St. Anne, The Mother Of The Virgin Mary (33 Minutes)

The Agony In The Garden (23 Minutes)

The Apostle Of The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of Mary (Bertha Petit) (36 Minutes)

The Chair Of Peter (44 Minutes)

The Divine Message Of Lourdes (28 Minutes)

The Fall Of Man And Original Sin (34 Minutes)

The Holy Face Of Jesus (38 Minutes)

The Pope Of The Immaculate Conception (Pope Pius IX) (35 Minutes)

The Pope Of The Kingship Of Christ (33 Minutes)

The Sorrowful Hearts Of Jesus And Mary (29 Minutes)

The Way Of Divine Love (34 Minutes)

Trent And The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass (31 Minutes)

Father Francis Fenton:

In “Various” Page:

Mid 1974 Let Us Be Charitable In The Chaos (53 Minutes)

Father Lawrence Brey:

In “Various” Page:

09-03-89 Learn Of Me And Be Charitable (24 Minutes)

Father X:

Retreat Part I (51 Minutes)

Retreat Part II (48 Minutes)

Retreat Part III (32 Minutes)

Retreat Part IV (70 Minutes)

Retreat Part V (55 Minutes)

Retreat Part VI (33 Minutes)

Retreat Part VII (32 Minutes)

Retreat Part VIII (68 Minutes)

Retreat Part IX (25 Minutes)

Father Roy Randolph:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

Sin (27 Minutes)

Time (22 Minutes)

The Prodigal Son Gods Mercy (22 Minutes)

In “Saints” Page:

Conversion Of Saint Paul (33 Minutes)

On The Saints (32 Minutes)

Saints Peter And Paul (28 Minutes)

St. Joseph Of Arimathea And Nichodemus (30 Minutes)

St. Mary Magdalene (20 Minutes)

St. Peter Prince Of The Apostles (26 Minutes)

In “Our Lady” Page:

10-19-1978 On Our Lady (24 Minutes)

Our Lady (34 Minutes)

The Visitations Of Our Lady (38 Minutes)

In “Catechism” Page:

Anger (32 Minutes)

The Christmas Story (25 Minutes)

The Integrity Of The Church (27 Minutes)

The Sacred Heart Of Jesus (25 Minutes)

What Is Man (29 Minutes)

In “During Lent” Page:

Christ Last Seven Words Part 1 (19 Minutes)

Christ Last Seven Words Part 2 (22 Minutes)

Christ Last Seven Words Part 3 (27 Minutes)

Christ Last Seven Words Part 4 (23 Minutes)

Christ Last Seven Words Part 5 (16 Minutes)

Christ Last Seven Words Part 6 (28 Minutes)

Christ’s Resurrection Source Of Hope (19 Minutes)

Events Of The Last Supper (46 Minutes)

Holy Thursday (7 Minutes)

The Cross The Symbol Of Redemption (24 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

12-27-1981   Fr. Damien   (10 Minutes)

America And The Church (38 Minutes)

His Conversion Story (31 Minutes)

False Prophets (30 Minutes)

The Reality Of Satan (32 Minutes)

Secular Humanism (25 Minutes)

Father Lafitte (sermon has French accent):

In “Archives” Page:

2005 Advise To Wife-To-Be (50 Minutes)

2005 Dating (58 Minutes)

2005 Modesty (44 Minutes)

Father Anthony Cekada:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

Forgiveness (15 Minutes)

Murmuring (12 Minutes)

St. Augustine And The Slavery Of Sin (12 Minutes)

Use Your Time Wisely (15 Minutes)

In “Catechism” Page:

The Divine Office (13 Minutes)

Sloth (11 Minutes)

Teach Children Religion (19 Minutes)

True Patriotism (17 Minutes)

The Universal Ordinary Magisterium (22 Minutes)

In “Novus Ordo” Page:

The Motu Mass Benefits And Dangers (27 Minutes)

The One World Church And SSPX (17 Minutes)

The Power Of Mass Media (17 Minutes)

Ratzinger’s Franken Church Heresy (21 Minutes)

Trads: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? (18 Minutes)

In “Young Of Heart” Page:

Teach Children Religion (19 Minutes)

The Myth Of The Modern Magic Teenager (18 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

The Advice Of A Priest (19 Minutes)

Bickering Priests Is Not Something New (28 Minutes)

Errors Of The Society Of St. Pius X (18 Minutes)

The Gospel of Judas (21 Minutes)

The Motu Mass Benefits And Dangers (27 Minutes)

The Power Of Mass Media (17 Minutes)

Ratzinger’s Franken Church Heresy (21 Minutes)

Trads: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? (18 Minutes)

The Universal Ordinary Magisterium (22 Minutes)

In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln” Page:

07-01-2018   The Precious Blood The Price Of Our Redemption   (13 Minutes)

07-16-2017   Compassion On The Crowd   (17 Minutes)


07-20-2014 25th Anniversary Of St. Hugh Of Lincoln Church (24 Minutes)

09-01-2013 Receive The Sacraments Worthly To Combat Daily Battles (13 Minutes)

In “St. Gertrude The Great Archives” Page:

12-18-2012 Eulogy For Fr. Stepanich (20 Minutes)

Oct. 18, 2009 Forty Hours: What We Have (17 Minutes)

Oct. 11, 2009 The Nestorian Heresy (15 Minutes)

Sep. 6, 2009 Divine Providence (12 Minutes)

Be Fearless In Doing What Is Right (18 Minutes)

Contrition And Satisfaction For Sin (18 Minutes)

The Eucharist: A Remedy For Our Ills (8 Minutes)

Mere Externalism (12 Minutes)

Why Not Instant Virtue? (15 Minutes)

Seven Sorrows Of Our Lady (21 Minutes)

Father James Kosek:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

01-01-2012 Pursue God And Talk To Him (15 Minutes)

09-11-2011 Lack Of Gratitude (10 Minutes)

08-14-2011 Salvation Is Based On The Choices That We Make (8 Minutes)

07-31-2011 Beware Of Wolves In Sheep Clothing (16 Minutes)

07-24-2011 Make Time For Prayer (9 Minutes)

06-19-2011 The Most Holy Trinity (13 Minutes)

06-05-2011 Rejoice When You Are Persecuted For The Faith (13 Minutes)

05-22-2011 Keep Christ In View (17 Minutes)

05-15-2011 Now Is The Time To Amend Your Life (7 Minutes)

05-08-2011 Find And Obey Good Shepherds (16 Minutes)

04-03-2011 Love God On His Terms (13 Minutes)

03-06-2011 Divine Virtue Of Charity (12 Minutes)

02-27-2011 Love God The Way God Wants You To Love Him (19 Minutes)

02-13-2011 A Cross For Me A Cross For You (14 Minutes)

02-06-2011 We Must Cultivate The Divine Virtue Of Charity (12 Minutes)

01-30-2011 Lord Save Me (7 Minutes)

01-16-2011 Get Rid Of Mortal Sin (17 Minutes)

01-02-2011 The Holy Name Of Jesus (15 Minutes)

12-26-2010 To Know Jesus Is To Love Him (16 Minutes)

12-12-2010 Ask God To Guide Us (10 Minutes)

In “Archives” Page:

07-16-2017   Jesus Is The Answer To All Our Problems   (10 Minutes)

07-16-2017   How Shall We Live In This World?   (12 Minutes)

06-09-2017   Whom Do You Serve?   (09 Minutes)


11-13-2011 Ask God To Teach You What To Do (14 Minutes)

11-06-2011 Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated (12 Minutes)

10-23-2011 Use The Medicine God Gives Us (12 Minutes)

10-09-2011 Use The Graces God Gives (14 Minutes)

10-02-2011 The Humble Shall Be Exalted (12 Minutes)

09-25-2011 Do Not Be Vain (10 Minutes)

09-04-2011 We Should Love God The Way He Wants Us To (11 Minutes)

08-28-2011 Let Us Hear And Keep The Word Of God (8 Minutes)

06-12-2011 The Holy Ghost (4 Minutes)

01-09-2011 Learn From The Holy Family (17 Minutes)

01-01-2011 Rejoice And Be Happy (9 Minutes)

12-25-2010 The Proof Of God’s Love For Us (10 Minutes)

11-07-2010 Know Your Faith (11 Minutes)

Father Joseph Selway:

In “Archives” Page:

10-22-2017   The Rosary Destroys Heresies   (15 Minutes)

Fifty Years Without A Shepherd (13 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

Turning Zeal For Ourselves To Zeal For God (19 Minutes)

Father Oscar Saavedra:

In “Archives” Page:

Perfection Through Charity (12 Minutes)

St. Joseph A Model Parent (10 Minutes)

Father Charles McGuire:

In “Save Thy Soul” Page:

Devotion To The Mass (19 Minutes)

Eucharistic Adoration (16 Minutes)

Fear Of Death (11 Minutes)

Gratitude (14 Minutes)

The Mustard Seed (13 Minutes)

The Mystery Of Bethlehem (10 Minutes)

Rash Judging (16 Minutes)

See Christ In Others (14 Minutes)

Seeking Happiness (10 Minutes)

Sin Of Heresy (13 Minutes)

Soap For The Soul   (17 Minutes)

True Happiness (12 Minutes)

We Must Know Our Faith (11 Minutes)

A World In Need Of A Savior (18 Minutes)

In “Saints” Page:

SSs. Chrysanthus And Daria (11 Minutes)

St. Joseph: Wearing The Crown Of Throwns (16 Minutes)

St. Ubaldus 05-16-09 (11 Minutes)

In “Our Lady” Page:

Apparition Of Guadalupe (14 Minutes)

Perseverance In Devotion To Our Lady (07 Minutes)

In “Novus Ordo” Page:

St. Francis Vs Francis And The Power Of The Rosary (16 Minutes)

In “Catechism” Page:

All About Indulgences (16 Minutes)

Purgatory Is A Work Of Love Towards Men (20 Minutes)

Vanity (16 Minutes)

We Must Know Our Faith (11 Minutes)

In “Various” Page:

Devotion To The Holy Face (15 Minutes)

Fourth Friday In Lent (13 Minutes)

The Immense Love In The Heart Of Jesus (17 Minutes)

The Love Of God (9 Minutes)

The Sermon (12 Minutes)

In “St. Hugh Of Lincoln” Page:

07-MAR-2021 Sacred Heart Thoughts (06 Minutes)

28-FEB-2021 A Persistent Woman (13 Minutes)

26-FEB2021 You Are Made Whole (08 Minutes)

04-MAR-2021 Treasures (05 Minutes)

12-FEB-2021 Tears To Glory (07 Minutes)

16-JAN-2021 Pope Of The Stables (07 Minutes)

27-SEP-2020 God’s Gift Of Mercy (17 Minutes)

13-JUN-2020 Hard Times Hard Heads And A Mule (09 Minutes)

12-JUN-2020 St. John Of Sahagun (07 Minutes)

24-MAY-2020 Persecutions (18 Minutes)

23-MAY-2020 St. John Baptist DeRossi (08 Minutes)

22-MAY-2020 St. Rita And Our Wounds (18 Minutes)

21-MAY-2020 Our Lady And The Ascension (11 Minutes)

15-MAR-2020 Peace In Chaos (14 Minutes)

22-DEC-2019   Mystery Of Love   (15 Minutes)

21-DEC-2019   The Dayspring Coming To Enlighten Us   (08 Minutes)

20-DEC-2019   Mary’s Journey And Ours   (08 Minutes)

08-DEC-2019   Modern Minimalism Vs Catholic Penance   (14 Minutes)

07-DEC-2019   Surprises Of Life   (06 Minutes)

06-DEC-2019   St. Nicholas A Man Of Faith   (07 Minutes)

24-NOV-2019  The Precious Cross   (15 Minutes)

11-NOV-2019 Soap For The Soul (17 Minutes)

13-OCT-2019   New Keep At It   (13 Minutes)

12-OCT-2019   Balancing The Scale   (05 Minutes)

11-OCT-2019   Two Chains   (07 Minutes)

07-OCT-2019   Forgiveness And The Passion Of Christ   (09 Minutes)

06-OCT-2019   Pope Leo XIII   On The Rosary Against Modern Society   (21 Minutes)

04-OCT-2019   Saint Francis Rebuild Of My Church   (08 Minutes)

15-SEP-2019   Never Forget I Forgot   (13 Minutes)

14-SEP-2019   A Piece Of The Cross   (08 Minutes)

08-SEP-2019   Our Lady And Increasing In Grace   (15 Minutes)

07-SEP-2019   Milwaukee’s Saint   (08 Minutes)

06-SEP-2019   Filled Up Chalices   (06 Minutes)

01-SEP-2019   The Call Of Social Media Vs The Call Of God   (22 Minutes)

31-AUG-2019   St. Raymond Humble Beginnings Precious  Endings   (09 Minutes)

11-AUG-2019   Soap For The Soul   (17 Minutes)

10-AUG-2019   Kathy Reimer Funeral Eulogy   (17 Minutes)

09-AUG-2019   A Saint And Conversions   (09 Minutes)

14-JUL-2019   Pharisees Verses True Catholics   (15 Minutes)

13-JUL-2019   Friend Lend Me Three Loaves   (14 Minutes)

12-JUL-2019   The Beginning Of A Whole Chain Of Graces   (09 Minutes)

30-JUN-2019   The Blood Of Martyrs   (18 Minutes)

23-JUN-2019   Cenacle And Tabernacle   (17 Minutes)

22-JUN-2019   Freedom At A Cost   (09 Minutes)

21-JUN-2019   You Should Know   (07 Minutes)

30-MAY-2019   Can It Really Be That Easy   (20 Minutes)

19-MAY-2019   Hope Our Spiritual Anchor   (17 Minutes)

18-MAY-2019   St. Venantius Teenage Martyr   (07 Minutes)

05-MAY-2019   All About Shepherds   (18 Minutes)

04-MAY-2019   Unanswered Prayer   (07 Minutes)

03-MAY-2019   Finding Crosses   (06 Minutes)

06-APR-2019   Light Of The World   (07 Minutes)

05-APR-2019   Lazarus Our Friend   (12 Minutes)

17-MAR-2019   Thabors Lesson   (16 Minutes)

15-MAR-2019   Lances Nails And Longinus   (09 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Temptation   (16 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Love Of God Conference Number 1   (20 Minutes)

10-MAR-2019   Love Of God Conference Number 2   (26 Minutes)

09-MAR-2019   The Fourth Watch   (08 Minutes)

08-MAR-2019   How It All Came Together   (09 Minutes)

03-MAR-2019   St. Veronica And The Holy Face   (17 Minutes)

02-MAR-2019   Do Penance With Joy   (07 Minutes)

08-FEB-2019   Gods And Our Concern For The Sick   (05 Minutes)

08-FEB-2019   St. John Of Matha Charity Exhausted   (10 Minutes)

03-FEB-2019   Sleeping Or Watching   (17 Minutes)

01-FEB-2019   The Grain Of Wheat   (07 Minutes)

27-JAN-2019   A True View Of Our Lord   (19 minutes)

26-JAN-2019   How’s Your Endurance   (13 minutes)

25-JAN-2019   Have You Been Converted   (08 Minutes)

20-JAN-2019   Mary The Great Mediatrix   (14 Minutes)

19-JAN-2019   God’s Many Ways Of Coverting Souls   (06 Minutes)

18-JAN-2019   Conversions   (05 Minutes)


09-DEC-2018   Hopeful Expectation   (16 Minutes)

08-DEC-2018   Maria Gratia Plena   (15 Minutes)

07-DEC-2018   A Souls Worth   (08 Minutes)

24-NOV-2018   Cecilia Grabczyk Eulogy   (15 Minutes)

25-NOV-2018   Either Or   (15 Minutes)

16-NOV-2018   Finding Rest In The Eucharistic Heart   (10 Minutes)

04-NOV-2018   A Ship In Peril   (14 Minutes)

03-NOV-2018   Perfection With Joy   (06 Minutes)

02-NOV-2018   Our Parish Resolution   (06 Minutes)

01-NOV-2018   Seek Saintliness Not Ghostliness   (12 Minutes)

14-OCT-2018   Forgive Me Lord   (14 Minutes)

12-OCT-2018   Our Lady’s Very First Apparition   (05 Minutes)

02-SEP-2018   Mercy Meets A Procession   (14 Minutes)

01-SEP-2018   St. Giles:   Saint Of Solitude   (09 Minutes)

31-AUG-2018   Freedom Of The Children Of God   (09 Minutes)

18-AUG-2018   Leprosy And Sin   (10 Minutes)

17-AUG-2018   St. Hyacinth   (08 Minutes)

15-AUG-2018   Devotion To The Blessed Mother   (18 Minutes)

07-15-2018   Conversions According To Chesterton   (17 Minutes)

07-14-2018   O’Buona Ventura   (06 Minutes)

07-13-2018   The Vision Of Hell And Our Lady’s Counter Attack   (08 Minutes)

07-01-2018   Christ And Compassion   (15 Minutes)

06-10-2018   The Soul A Shepherds Care And An Angels Joy   (13 Minutes)

06-08-2018   Love And Reparation   (10 Minutes)

06-03-2018   Not Just For A Golden Ciborium   (15 Minutes)

06-02-2018   Corpus Christi And Bethlehem   (7 Minutes)

05-31-2018   Mary Queen Of Mercy   (6 Minutes)

04-15-2018   The Shepherd Went First   (21 Minutes)

04-13-2018   Firm Faith Of St. Hermenegild   (08 Minutes)

03-18-2018   Hidden Secrets Of Passion-tide   (16 Minutes)

03-17-2018   St. Patrick And The Strange Light   (10 Minutes)

02-18-2018   Temptation From The Positive Angle   (22 Minutes)

02-16-2018   Our Charity Vs. God’s Charity   (06 Minutes)

02-11-2018   The Cross Jesus Son Of David Have Mercy On Me   (21 Minutes)

02-04-2018   The Glories Of St. Paul   (19 Minutes)

02-03-2018   St. Blaise the Great Wonderworker   (08 Minutes)

01-28-2018   The Little Way To Great Holiness   (21 Minutes)

01-27-2018   Our Lady Of The Smile   (10 Minutes)

01-16-2018   Pope Marcellus I, Saint Of The Stable   (07 Minutes)

01-14-2018   Family Sermon 2: They Have No Wine   (16 Minutes)

01-13-2018   Simplicity All For Thee   (08 Minutes)

01-12-2018   The Wisdom of Silence   (07 Minutes)

01-07-2018   Family Sermon 1: The Home A Domestic Church   (25 Minutes)

01-06-2018   The Fatiguing Journey   (16 Minutes)

01-05-2018   Vigil Of Epiphany Lessons   (06 Minutes)


12-18-2017   Wooden Teeth To Whispers Joy   (06 Minutes)

12-17-2017   The Gloria Joyful Hymn Of The Angels   (19 Minutes)

11-11-2017   Judas Vs Christ Britius Vs St. Martin   (10 Minutes)

11-05-2017   Venite Adoremus   (16 Minutes)

11-03-2017   About Potholders And Brooms  (9 Minutes)

11-02-2017   Purgatory And The Goodness Of God   (8 Minutes)

11-01-2017   All Saints   (17 Minutes)

10-15-2017   As Incense In Thy Sight   (19 Minutes)

09-24-2017   The World Of Angels   (18 Minutes)

09-10-2017   Relax, God’s Got This One   (16 Minutes)

09-03-2017   Gratitude   (15 Minutes)

08-20-2017   Keep It Simple   (18 Minutes)

07-09-2017   Walk With God   (14 Minutes)

07-08-2017   St. Elizabeth Of Portugal The Peacemaker   (09 Minutes)

07-07-2017   Monks To Missionaries   (11 Minutes)

07-06-2017   Adverse Winds And Peace   (10 Minutes)

07-05-2017   St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria   (09 Minutes)

07-04-2017   Just Relax   (12 Minutes)

07-02-2017   Gaining God’s Blessing   (12 Minutes)

07-01-2017   Men Of War   (12 Minutes)

06-30-2017   The Holy Ghost Our Divine Aid   (17 Minutes)

06-30-2017   SSs. John And Paul Many Are The Tribulations   (07 Minutes)

06-25-2017   The Greatest Joy Of The Sacred Heart   (18 Minutes)

06-19-2017   St. Julianna, Corpus Christi Saint   (10 Minutes)

06-18-2017   Heroes For The Eucharist   (19 Minutes)

06-17-2017   Loving Reparation   (10 Minutes)

06-16-2017   The Same Loving God   (08 Minutes)

05-29-2017   St. Mary Magdalene Of Pazzi The Holy Ghost Saint   (10 Minutes)

05-28-2017   But Above All Things   (18 Minutes)

05-27-2017   St. Bede Give Glory To God Always   (11 Minutes)

05-26-2017   St. Philip Neri: The Holy Joker   (15 Minutes)

05-25-2017   That We May Dwell There In Desire   (19 Minutes)

05-23-2017   St. Rita:   A Model In Times Of Disappointment   (12 Minutes)

04-23-2017   As Is   (16 Minutes)04-22-2017   One Gospel Two Lessons  (08 Minutes)

04-21-2017   Saved By The Water  (10 Minutes)

04-02-2017   Detailed Account Of Christ Suffering   (18 Minutes)

04-01-2017   Followers Of The Light Of The World   (14 Minutes)

03-31-2017   Jesus Friend Of Sinners   (10 Minutes)

03-12-2017   Sorrow Into Joy   (11 Minutes)

03-11-2017   Pray For Your Priests   (06 Minutes)

03-10-2017   40 Days And 40 Martyrs   (09 Minutes)

03-09-2017   The Cananite Woman   (06 Minutes)

02-19-2017   The Missing Key To The Word Of God   (13 Minutes)

02-18-2017   St. Bernadette And Devotions   (08 Minutes)

02-17-2017   The Angels Care Of Our Lord   (12 Minutes)

01-29-2017   The Great Tempest   (17 Minutes)

01-28-2017   St. Peter Nolasco:   Redeemer Of Captives   (08 Minutes)

01-27-2017   Nico Anania And Poor Souls   (09 Minutes)

01-08-2017   Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth   (15 Minutes)

01-07-2017   Epiphany Moments   (08 Minutes)

01-06-2017   The Star   (06 Minutes)


12-11-2016   Overcome Sadness With Joy   (17 Minutes)

12-10-2016   Remember O’Most Gracious Virgin Mary Part 3   (07 Minutes)

12-09-2016   Remember O’Most Gracious Virgin Mary Part 2   (08 Minutes)

12-08-2016   Remember O’Most Gracious Virgin Mary Part 1   (11 Minutes)

11-20-2016  The Seed Of Glory   (16 Minutes)

11-19-2016   His Will My Peace   (12 Minutes)

11-18-2016   Bethlehem And Our Adoration   (9 Minutes)

11-02-2016   Have Pity On Me My Friends   (10 Minutes)

11-01-2016   Maxims Of Holiness   (16 Minutes)

10-30-2016   I Will Reign In Spite Of My Enemies   (16 Minutes)

10-29-2016   St. Narcissus And Trusting God   (8 Minutes)

10-28-2016   Use Your Gifts   (5 Minutes)

10-09-2016   Forgive And You Will Be Forgiven   (18 Minutes)

10-07-2016   That We May Imitate What They Contain   (9 Minutes)

07-24-2016   Magdalene Favorite Of Our Lord   (17 Minutes)

07-03-2016   True Vs. False Piety   (15 Minutes)

07-02-2016   The Quickness Of Our Lady   (09 Minutes)

07-01-2016   Feast Of The Most Precious Blood Of Jesus   (10 Minutes)

06-26-2016   The Goodness Of God   (15 Minutes)

06-12-2016   Lightening Your Load   (15 Minutes)

04-17-2016   St. Joseph And The Mysteries Of Life   (19 Minutes)

04-03-2016   Our Lord’s Wish For Peace   (16 Minutes)

02-16-2016 Nico Anania Eulogy (18 Minutes)

02-07-2016 He Loves Us We Must Love Him (21 Minutes)

01-24-2016 Lenten Resolutions And The Use Of The Tongue (15 Minutes)


12-13-2015 Temptation (19 Minutes)

12-12-2015 Our Lady Of Guadalupe (09 Minutes)

12-08-2015 Back To Basics (12 Minutes)

12-06-2015 Original Sin (18 Minutes)

12-05-2015 St. Sabbas (08 Minutes)

12-04-2015 St. Barbara (09Minutes)

11-22-2015 Infinite Goodness Can Never Be Exhausted (17 Minutes)

11-02-2015 All Souls Day (08 Minutes)

09-27-2015 North American Martyrs And The Worth Of A Soul (21 Minutes)

09-20-2015 Feast Of The Seven Sorrows Of The Blessed Mother (16 Minutes)

09-13-2015 Devotion Of Our Lady (17 Minutes)

09-11-2015 St. Paphnutius (10 Minutes)

08-23-2015 Moving Forward In The Spiritual Life (16 Minutes)

06-07-2015 Renew Our Love For God In The Blessed Sacrament (14 Minutes)

05-10-2015 The Love Of God And Mothers (19 Minutes)

04-26-2015 Devotion To Our Lady (16 Minutes)

02-09-2015 St. Cyril of Alexandria and St. Apollonia (6 Minutes)

02-08-2015 How To Read Spiritual Books Profitably (19 Minutes)

02-06-2015 St. Dorothy (9 Minutes)


12-07-2014 Fortitude (16 Minutes)

09-28-2014 Work And Pray For Better Days (19 Minutes)

09-08-2014 Feast Of Our Lady’s Nativity (09 Minutes)

09-07-2014 Pray And Work For Conversions (14 Minutes)

08-31-2014 The Silent Workings Of God (17 Minutes)

06-01-2014 Be Mindful To Give Good Example (17 Minutes)

03-02-2014 Abraham Our Model Of Faith (15 Minutes)

03-01-2014 The Remission Of Our Sin (08 Minutes)

01-03-2014 The Word Was Made Flesh (10 Minutes)


12-01-2013 Let Us Prepare Well This Advent (17 Minutes)

11-01-2013 Strive To Be A Saint (13 Minutes)

10-04-2013 St. Francis Of Assisi (10 Minutes)

09-14-2013 The Holy Cross (08 Minutes)


In “Archives” Page:

02-21-2016   Demons And The St. Benedict Medal   (19 Minutes)