Sermons On Various Topics


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Bishop McKenna:


Demonic Possessions And Exorcism   (12 Minutes)

Traps Of The Devil   (13 Minutes)


Bishop Mark Pivarunas:


Apologia For The Traditional Movement   Part 1   (73 Minutes)

Apologia For The Traditional Movement   Part 2   (49 Minutes)

Bishop Privarunas:   “Rosary”   (22 Minutes)

Catholic Apologetics For Today   Part I   (73 Minutes)

Contemporary Issues Part I   (80 Minutes)

Contemporary Issues Part II   (78 Minutes)

2011 Current Theological Issues Confronting Traditional Catholics   Part I   (68 Minutes)

2011 Current Theological Issues Confronting Traditional Catholics   Part II   (22 Minutes)

2011 Current Theological Issues Confronting Traditional Catholics   Part III   (34 Minutes)

2011 Current Theological Issues Confronting Traditional Catholics   Part IV   (18 Minutes)

2007 Current Events Part I   (73 Minutes)

2007 Current Events Part II   (67 Minutes)

Feast Of The Holy Rosary   (19 Minutes)

Miracles Still Happen   (14 Minutes)

The Novus Ordo And CMRI Sisters  (50 Minutes)

Ordination Of Deaconate Fr. Oswalt   (28 Minutes)

Priestly Ordinations   (32 Minutes)

The Proto Evangelium And The Church Of Our Time_Part I   (75 Minutes)

The Proto Evangelium And The Church Of Our Time_Part II   (77 Minutes)

2012 Questions And Answers   (40 Minutes)

2009 Questions And Answers   (64 Minutes)

2008 Questions And Answers   (45 Minutes)

Satan Will Deceive If Possible Even The Elect Part1   (76 Minutes)

Satan Will Deceive If Possible Even The Elect Part2   (28 Minutes)

Satan Will Deceive If Possible Even The Elect Part3   (42 Minutes)

Satan Will Deceive If Possible Even The Elect Part4   Questions And Answers   (38 Minutes)

Sister’s Vow Ceremonies   (16 Minutes)

Vocations   (10 Minutes)

Vocations And Nun’s Enrollment Ceremony   (08 Minutes)

What Are Religious Vocations?   (21 Minutes)


Bishop Daniel Dolan:


All Saint’s Day Rosary And Devotions 11-01-2007   (24 Minutes)

Are You Prepared?   (15 Minutes)

Baptism Of Blood And Desire   (18 Minutes)

Be Not Deceived God Is Not Mocked WTC Attacked   (17 Minutes)

Catechism I   (50 Minutes)

Catechism III   (68 Minutes)

The Catholic History Of Florida:   The Palm Sunday State   (18 Minutes)

Children’s Retreat Part I   (33 Minutes)

Children’s Retreat Part II   (23 Minutes)

Christ The King Rosary And Devotions 10-28-2007   (27 Minutes)

Contempt And The Crown   (20 Minutes)

Early Missionaries In Nigeria   (15 Minutes)

Fr. Damien Of Molokai   (16 Minutes)

Holy Name Society Meeting   02-16-2007   (42 Minutes)

Holy Name Society Meeting: “Purpose Of The Society” 04-27-2007   (26 Minutes)

Holy Name Society Meeting   09-14-2007   (39 Minutes)

Holy Name Society Meeting:   “Holy Reading”   07-31-2009   (47 Minutes)

Islam Closer Than You Think   (34 Minutes)

Mexican Standoff   (15 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting   09-22-2006   (40 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting   01-19-2007   (34 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting: “Making And Keeping Resolutions”  04-20-2007   (53 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting   10-26-2007   (31 Minutes)

Mother’s Union Meeting: “Speaking Well”  01-25-2008   (35 Minutes)

Mother’s Union Meeting: Great Stories Of Mothers And Wifes Who Are Saints   06-20-2008   (37 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting: “Make Your Children Saints”   08-08-2008   (40 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting: “The Espousal Of Our Lady, Learn From Her”   01-23-2009   (37 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting: “Questions And Answers”   01-23-2009   (11 Minutes)

Mothers Union Meeting: “The Great Role Of Women”   04-24-2009   (44 Minutes)

Mother’s Union Meeting:   St. Francis De Sales   The Introduction To The Devout Life   (40 Minutes)

Pope Pius XII   (14 Minutes)

Rosary Of Reparation   (51 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Consolation Devotions And Rosary   (28 Minutes)

Our Lady Of Consolation Pilgrimage Talk: St. Therese De Lisieux And Consolation   (32 Minutes)

The Devils In Mexico   (17 Minutes)

The Holy Child Of Atocha   (30 Minutes)

Why Do We Say No To The “Una Cum” Masses   (18 Minutes)

Why Do We Loose Our Youth?   (15 Minutes)


Bishop Donald Sanborn:


Antichrist   (27 Minutes)

Antichrist And End Times 1   (18 Minutes)

Antichrist And End Times 2   (19 Minutes)

Antichrist And End Times 3   (16 Minutes)

Antichrist And End Times 4   (13 Minutes)

Bishop Dolan’s 25th Anniversary   (29 Minutes)

Confidence In God   (22 Minutes)

Dedication Of A Church   (27 Minutes)

End Of The World   (15 Minutes)

End Times Antichrist And The Glory Of The Church   (34 Minutes)

Fr. Ercoli’s_10th_Anniversary   (23 Minutes)

History Of The Church   (32 Minutes)

Holy Outrage   (26 Minutes)

Hypocrisy   (24 Minutes)

Kingship Of Christ Part I   (22 Minutes)

Kingship Of Christ Part II   (27 Minutes)

Life Of Death   (21 Minutes)

The Operation Of Error   (21 Minutes)

Persecution Of The Church   (26 Minutes)

Priesthood   (20 Minutes)

The Proper Use Of Money   (16 Minutes)

The Spirit Of Truth   (33 Minutes)

St. Thomas Aquinas And Loving The Truth   (27 Minutes)

Trinity Sunday   (26 Minutes)

The Excommunication Of Abp. Lefebre   (30 Minutes)

Union Of Church And State   (19 Minutes)


Father Francis Fenton RIP:


Mid 1974   Let Us Be Charitable In The Chaos   (53 Minutes)


Father Lawrence Brey RIP:


09-03-89   Learn Of Me And Be Charitable   (24 Minutes)


Father X:


Retreat Part I   (51 Minutes)

Retreat Part II   (48 Minutes)

Retreat Part III   (32 Minutes)

Retreat Part IV   (70 Minutes)

Retreat Part V   (55 Minutes)

Retreat Part VI   (33 Minutes)

Retreat Part VII   (32 Minutes)

Retreat Part VIII   (68 Minutes)

Retreat Part IX   (25 Minutes)


Abbot Leonard RIP:


Banish Pride From Your Hearts   (24 Minutes)

Be Industrious In The Salvation Of Your Soul   (24 Minutes)

Charity And Cleaning House   (47 Minutes)

Do This Before Death   (25 Minutes)

Feast Of The Most Holy Family   (29 Minutes)

Go Into The Stable   (32 Minutes)

Holy Name Of Jesus   (16 Minutes)

Holy Things In Our Homes   (36 Minutes)

Is Heaven Impossible?   (35 Minutes)

Learn To Talk Personally To God   (30 Minutes)

Let Us Learn From Our Lord   (20 Minutes)

Look Only To Yourselves   (31 Minutes)

Loving God Will Make Your Free   (28 Minutes)

Pray For Hope And Love   (38 Minutes)

Prepare For Christ   (21 Minutes)

There Is No Wine   (23 Minutes)

What Do I Do Today To Save My Soul?   (28 Minutes)

What Race Are You Running?   (32 Minutes)

Words Of Love   (41 Minutes)

Your Religion Should Be In Your Heart   (14 Minutes)


Father Martin Stepanich RIP:


The Holy Family Yesterday And Today   (34 Minutes)

Humani Generis: Encyclical On Modern Errors   (45 Minutes)

Mary And The Priesthood   (26 Minutes)

Mary Heavenly Mother Of The Church   (31 Minutes)

Mediator Dei And The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass   (40 Minutes)

Our Lady Of The Blessed Sacrament   (35 Minutes)

Reparation To Mary’s Immaculate Heart   (32 Minutes)

St. Michael The Angel Of Fatima   (34 Minutes)

The Syllabus Of Errors Of Pius IX   (37 Minutes)

Unity Of The Hearts Of Jesus And Mary   (40 Minutes)


Father Roy Randolph:


America And The Church   (38 Minutes)

His Conversion Story   (31 Minutes)

False Prophets   (30 Minutes)

The Reality Of Satan   (32 Minutes)

Secular Humanism   (25 Minutes)


Father Anthony Cekada:


The Advice Of A Priest   (19 Minutes)

Errors Of The Society Of St. Pius X   (18 Minutes)

Bickering Priests Is Not Something New   (28 Minutes)

The Gospel of Judas   (21 Minutes)

Internet Theology   (20 Minutes)

The Power Of Mass Media   (17 Minutes)

Ratzinger’s Franken Church Heresy   (21  Minutes)

Trads: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?   (18 Minutes)

The Universal Ordinary Magisterium   (22 Minutes)


Father Kevin Vaillancourt:


Are You Non-Mainstream? Soon You Maybe Persecuted   (29 Minutes)

Communism And Socialism Is Alive Today   (19 Minutes)

Gods Loving Care For Us, Let Us Always Do His Will   (24 Minutes)

Having The Convictions Of Our Belief   (22 Minutes)

The Holy Priesthood   (25 Minutes)

In This Period Of Time   (26 Minutes)

Love One Another I:     A New Commandment I Give You   (33 Minutes)

Love One Another II:   For The Love Of God And Our Neighbor   (37 Minutes)

Love One Another III: Signs We Possess True Authentic Charity   (38 Minutes)

Love One Another IV:   Love Of Self, True And False Forms   (38 Minutes)

Love One Another V:     Kindness Of Soul   (35 Minutes)

Love One Another VI:   Works Of Mercy   (43 Minutes)

Love One Another VII:  Understanding Charity   (33 Minutes)

The Message Of LaSalette   (21 Minutes)

Penance And Jurisdiction   (28 Minutes)

Priest’s Must Be Holy, Pray For Them   (24 Minutes)

The Holy Priesthood   (25 Minutes)

The Rapture   (24 Minutes)

We All Must Be Missionaries, Listen How We Can Do This   (19 Minutes)


Father Benedict Hughes:


A Glimpse Into The Future What Are We To Make Of Prophecies   (45 Minutes)

Day Of Recollection:   Knowledge Of Jesus   (77 Minutes)

Day Of Recollection:   Knowledge Of Mary   (40 Minutes)

End Of The World Prophecies   (12 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Don Torczon   (17 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Larry Little   (16 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Mrs. Margaret McKee   (11 Minutes)

Eulogy For Mr. Tony House   (11 Minutes)

The Fatima Message In The 21st Century   (20 Minutes)

Fourty Hours Devotion   (7 Minutes)

He Hath Scattered The Proud In The Conceit Of Their Hearts   (57 Minutes)

His Mercy Is From Generation To Generation  (58 Minutes)

History Of The Devotion And Enthronement Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus  (18 Minutes)

How Did We Get Here?   The Origins Of Modernism   (57 Minutes)

Maintain Spiritual Life Over The Summer   (11 Minutes)

Miraculous Events Of Oct, 13, 1917   (7 Minutes)

My Immaculate Heart Is The Way That I Will Lead You To God   (30 Minutes)

2013 Notable Anniversaries This Year: Good And Bad   (53 Minutes)

Patriotism And The Good Catholic   (11 Minutes)

The Process Of Canonization And Its Perversion By The Conciliar Church   (33 Minutes)

2010 Questions And Answers Part I   (22 Minutes)

2010 Questions And Answers Part II   (8 Minutes)

Vatican II  What Does It Really Teach?   (54 Minutes)


Father Brendan Hughes:


Our Lady Of Guadalupe And The Conversion Of The Aztecs   (49 Minutes)


Father Casimir Puskorius:


25th Ordination Of Fr. Casmir   (27 Minutes)

The Block Rosary   (20 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Dennis Migala   (24 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Mr. James Trough   (21 Minutes)

Eulogy Of Ruth Stankis   (23 Minutes)

Evolution   (24 Minutes)

First High Mass Of Russian Fr. Kryssov   (25 Minutes)

History Of The Dedication Of The Basilicas Of St. Peter And Paul   (25 Minutes)

Pauline McDonald Eulogy   (21 Minutes)


Father Dominic Radicki:

The Mass   (15 Minutes)

Moral Courage In The Age Preceding AntiChrist Part 1   (13 Minutes)

Moral Courage In The Age Preceding AntiChrist Part 2   (13 Minutes)

Pope Pius XII And Traditionalists   (18 Minutes)



Father Ephrem Cordova:


Mother Teresa Canonized   (43 Minutes)


Father Ercoli:


10-03-2010   My Pathway To The Priesthood   (52 Minutes)


Father Selway:


Turning Zeal For Ourselves To Zeal For God   (19 Minutes)


Father Michael Anaya:


Eulogy Of Erin Vila   (13 Minutes)


Father Julian Gilchrist:


03-30-2014   Be Grateful For What You Have And Go To Confession Often   (19 Minutes)


Father Gabriel Lavery:


Eulogy Of Mary Kieffer   (14 Minutes)

Oct. 11 Fr. Lavery                   “He Has Filled The Hungry With Good Things”   (42 Minutes)

Oct. 11 Fr. Lavery                  “Answering Arguments Against The Faith”   (47 Minutes)


Father Charles McGuire:


Agony Contention And Sports   (17 Minutes)

Devotion To The Holy Face   (15 Minutes)

The Immense Love In The Heart Of Jesus   (17 Minutes)

The Love Of God   (9 Minutes)

Saint Benedict’s Medal   (15 Minutes)

The Sermon   (12 Minutes)


Father Bernard:


Good Shepherd   (33 Minutes)

Oblate Talk On:   Evil And Suffering   (27 Minutes)

Oblate Talk On:   Heaven   (19 Minutes)

Oblate Talk On:   Meaning Of Lent   (36 Minutes)

Oblate Talk On:    Name Of Jesus   (29 Minutes)

Oblate Talk On:   Providence   (34 Minutes)


Father Desposito:


Action Of The Devil   (20 Minutes)      


Father Markus Ramolla:


Alice Therese Hagerty RIP   (21 Minutes)

Bernie Brueggemann RIP 02-19-2011, A Man Of Charity   (19 Minutes)

Death   (20 Minutes)

Dedication Of Brueggemann Hall   (5 Minutes)

Forty Hours Devotion   (20 Minutes)

The Mission Of The Church   (18 Minutes)

The Reign Of Christ The King   (17 Minutes)


Father Bernard Welp:


2014   Michael Welp Eulogy   (10 Minutes)


Father Julian Larrabee:


The Church’s Teaching On Canonization   (19 Minutes)

First Friday Devotions And Rosary   (45 Minutes)

Ghost Story   (17 Minutes)

Mary Sponsor Of Priests   (13 Minutes)

My Missionary Trip To Nigeria   (15 Minutes)

Rosary Sunday: About Himself And Why He Became A Priest   (43 Minutes)

St. John Bosco’s Dream About Hell   (18 Minutes)


Father Stephen McKenna:


03-13-2016   Our Lady Of Good Success   (21 Minutes)


05-04-2014   Father Damien:   The Good Shepherd   (15 Minutes)

04-25-2014   Feast Of The Greater Litanies   (10 Minutes)

10-06-2013   His Path To The Priesthood   (23 Minutes)


Father Vili Lehtoranta:


01-20-2013   The Just Judge   (19 Minutes)



Gospel Of St. Matthew:

Matthew Ch. 1   (5 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 2   (4 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 3   (3 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 4   (4 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 5   (7 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 6   (6 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 7   (4 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 8   (6 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 9   (6 Minutes)

Matthew Ch. 10   (7 Minutes)


Gospel Of St. Mark:

Mark Ch. 1   (7 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 2   (5 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 3   (5 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 4   (7 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 5   (7 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 6   (9 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 7   (6 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 8   (6 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 9   (8 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 10   (9 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 11   (6 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 12   (8 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 13   (6 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 14   (12 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 15   (7 Minutes)

Mark Ch. 16   (3 Minutes)


Gospel Of St. Luke:

Luke Ch. 1   (11 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 2   (8 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 4   (7 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 5   (7 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 6   (9 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 7   (9 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 8   (10 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 9   (11 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 10   (7 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 11   (10 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 12   (10 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 13   (6 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 14   (6 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 15   (5 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 16   (6 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 17   (5 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 18   (6 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 19   (7 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 20   (7 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 21   (5 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 22   (10 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 23   (8 Minutes)

Luke Ch. 24   (7 Minutes)


Acts Of The Apostles:

Acts Ch. 1   (5 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 2   (8 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 3   (4 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 4   (6 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 5   (7 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 6   (3 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 7   (10 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 8   (6 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 9   (8 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 10   (8 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 11   (5 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 12   (4 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 13   (9 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 14   (5 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 15   (7 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 16   (7 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 17   (6 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 18   (5 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 19   (7 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 20   (7 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 21   (8 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 22   (5 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 23   (6 Minutes)

Acts Ch. 24   (4 Minutes)


Please keep in your daily prayers these excellent bishops and priests, and others like them who are preserving the True  Catholic Faith in these dark times and do all they can for the salvation of souls.  If you are able to give alms to these bishops and priests, please do so and Almighty God will surely reward you one hundred fold!

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