Sermons For The Young Of Heart


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Saint Alphonsus de Liguori:


On The Education Of Children   (26 Minutes)


Bishop Daniel Dolan:


Courtship   (21 Minutes)

Courtship_II   (19 Minutes)

Marriage I of IV   (52 Minutes)

Marriage II of IV   (48 Minutes)

Marriage III of IV   (53 Minutes)

Marriage IV of IV   (49 Minutes)

Parenting With The Zeal Of Our Enemies   (15 Minutes)

Watchful Care   (16 Minutes)


Bishop Donald Sanborn:


Courtship   (30 Minutes)

Duties Of Parents Raising Children Catholic   (24 Minutes)

Family   (21 Minutes)

Marriage   (15 Minutes)

Mother’s Day Part I   (22 Minutes)

Mother’s Day Part II   (19 Minutes)

Mothers Part1   (19 Minutes)

Mothers Part2   (14 Minutes)

Order Of The Home   (26 Minutes)

Raising Children Part 1   (20 Minutes)

Raising Children Part 2   (22 Minutes)

Raising Children Part 3   (25 Minutes)

Raising Of Children   (25 Minutes)

Roles: Husband And Wife   (31 Minutes)

The Dignity Of Motherhood   (18 Minutes)

The Holy Family   (16 Minutes)

The Holy Family Part I   (23 Minutes)

The Holy Family Part II   (20 Minutes)



Father Anthony Cekada:


Teach Children Religion   (19 Minutes)  

The Myth Of The Modern Magic Teenager   (18 Minutes)


Father Benedict Hughes:


Families Modeled On The Holy Family   (15 Minutes)

Fostering Catholic Education For Life   (13 Minutes)


Father Casmir Puskorius:


Marriage Vocation   (23 Minutes)

Marriage Part 1   (24 Minutes)

Marriage Part 2   (23 Minutes)


Father Dominic Radicki:


Upon What Should A Marriage Be Based?   (13 Minutes)


Father Kevin Vaillancourt:


Fatherhood And Meekness   (30 Minutes)


Father Oscar Saavedra:


St. Joseph A Model Parent   (10 Minutes)


Father Julian Larrabee:

Family Peace   (15 Minutes)


Father Bernard Welp:

Parenting   (24 Minutes)

Our Lady of

Good Success


Traditional Catholic Sermons


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  The Holy Family

Please keep in your daily prayers these excellent bishops and priests, and others like them who are preserving the True  Catholic Faith in these dark times and do all they can for the salvation of souls.  If you are able to give alms to these bishops and priests, please do so and Almighty God will surely reward you one hundred fold!

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